Samurai Jack: Ep 56 review

After the dick moved pulled by Adult swim, we finally go to see the latest episode of Samurai Jack a week late, thanks a lot but the wait was well worth it. Four episodes into the season and it continues to pick up pace. The animation was brilliant but what stood out the most was the humor of the episode. So here is my take on the new episode of Samurai Jack.

The episode continues to build on jack’s hallucinations and struggle within himself, I like this idea of continuing this idea rather then just be a one time thing. This shows the amount of weathering Jack has taken over . His brief fight with Ashi, the surviving daughter of Aku, continues to show that he is a better fighter, using her own weapon against her effectively. The following sequence goes to show how unknowing Ashi is and continues to blast Jack with hate. Our man Jack replies with somthing we all have been thinking “now you are just repeating yourself”. As it turns out the place they are standing is actually a gigantic monster, and they get swallowed into it.

As they fall down, Ashi attacks Jack, fails to strike a blow and  gets knocked unconscious and Jack saves her jumping down a soft patch. The whole episode has a very sarcastic and cynical tone. While Jack and Ashi are attacked by an army of tiny bugs, as Jack fights off the bunny toothed bugs, Ashi continues to trouble Jack, to a point where Jack screams in frustration. After escaping the bugs not only does Jack hallucinates an argument with himself but Ashi as well. After this Jack saves her, again, they just should have named this episode Jack Saves Ashi’s Ass instead.

Ashi keeps on rambling on and on about Aku’s greatness and Jack’s evil, in return gives a very Jedi-esque response. They make there way to an air pocket and begin their escape, as a result of Ashi’s bounds are broken. Jack carries Ashi and swims back to shore. A very pivotal scene occurs, she begins to sneak up behind Jack with the intentions of killing him but after a flashback she drops her weapon sitting down. Although, we could already she the split within Ashi, and how her attitude may have changed but we need a more convincing sequence to show her turn.







Clay Is Therapy

Though my senior year in high school was an agonizing experience, a journey plagued by culture shock, rejection, depression, anxiety, frustration and most of all self-doubt; a few good things did manage to accidentally drift my way. One of the handful of the normal events was taking ceramics in my second semester. Taking ceramics was absolutely spectacular, I finally had somthing to look forward to upon my arrival home.

I had been rejected by my first choice, essentially dream university, on top of that another three universities joined the list. With a future looking grim and no potential university destination in sight, I remained depressed, anxious every time someone asked me where I was headed to. Then clay comes in the play, i do not know why but the ability to mend clay to my will, creating a sculpture of my choosing, helped me deal with my depression and anxiety.

Since I’ve done craft all my child’s life and I adapt to art quickly, naturally I made fine pieces of work. Made great friends in the progress and finally the feeling of being a part of the puzzle rather than the odd peice which fit nowhere. The pinnacle came when my teacher nominated me for the senior awards for my work in ceramics.

I could have not asked for a better teacher, the student is only as good as the teacher and she was amazing. Clay essentially kept me from collapsing and it’s somthing that will be a part of rest of my life.

A Walk Through The Dark

Adjusting to a new school is a mammoth task of itself let alone adjusting into a new country halfway across the globe. I moved to the U.S on 2nd of September 2016. The only good thing about the whole journey was being able to see aircraft in their full glory, Ramjet engines rumbling, aileron moving and rubber tires screeching as they took off were music to my ear. The coming year was on track to become the most painful, singlehandedly the most agonizing year of my life.

Before moving to the dreaded new land, I was coming out of a very productive two years of O-levels, the hardest education course offered at school level at Pakistan, It is administrated by the Cambridge University. Having a cemented roster spot on nearly all teams for playing for my school, I worked hard between balancing good grades and social life to make my last year a spectacular sign off. Even though the education back home was as much as 3 times harder than any school in America, I grew fond of it; I adapted to it extremely well and  functioned like a well oiled machine. All this did not come easy; it took me years to grow out of my shell and finally becoming comfortable with my surroundings. Only when I did get comfortable was I able to succeed. I used 8th grade as a beta, a testing period, and became friends with people now I call brothers, which is why my sudden departure left me in shambles. All my school work fell to dust as I prepared to leave into uncharted territory.

Nothing in the U.S was and, in fact, is still not familiar, an alien world, halfway across the globe. Even the air feels different and it is a place where drivers are on the left instead of the right, the Super-bowl is apparently a big deal, and you can sue anyone for just about anything. The world here is lighting quick; you have to stay on the balls of your feet if you are to keep up. I had not studied in a co-education environment since 4th grade and adding more to my already bad luck, most of my classes were girl majority. After getting rejected by my dream university, I was extremely disappointed; nothing had ever felt worse. Drexel University had been on my radar since 7th grade. Back then I did not even know if I would even attend a university, let alone have a idea of what I wanted to major in. My pre-rejected self loved sightseeing the campus but now massive agitation overwhelmed me.  The mere rejection was not the cause of this anxiety; being able to come so close and then see it turn to ashes was the worst because I belong to a family where education is seen as pointless, It was nothing less than a miracle that I was able to apply but then I was rejected.


With this rejection, my grades plummeted like the Wall Street stock market in 2008. But then I decided to pull myself together and work out a strategy. Next few months would bring about a frenzy of change, and I would transform completely. I cracked open my shell because I could not afford the luxury of time to settle in and get comfortable in my new country. I would rebound pretty well, receiving the Distinguished Honor Roll in my U.S high school, I would go on to receive an award for my work in ceramics class. I also decided to spend my leisure time doing more productive work such as sketching, 3d modeling and writing a book later turning it into a comic. After a short amount of time, I realized the only obstacle I truly faced was myself. In in the past, I would constantly undermine myself, my abilities and overthink situations. In truth now I have overcome most of my problems but this is a work in progress. I learned that the problems and their solutions are within my own head.

Flip Side Of A Coin

We live in a time where graphic novels, better known as comic books, and movies based on them are bigger than they have ever been before. Despite being relatively young to its more composite counterpart, novels, comics have picked up the pace in the past decade and are still on the rise. Unlike the archetypal novels, comics have a broader appeal to the general population, and there are a dozen the key traits that distinguish comics from novels, the most significant of them being the obvious visual aspect of comics. There are countless writers and tens of thousands of novels published. As a result of being around for longer period of time, novelists have perfected their art of writing unworldly stories. As a result, comic book critics dismiss comics as childish and immature, but in fact, comic tackle a broad spectrum of everyday issues faced by the general population. The unpredicted  rise of ‘nerd culture’ has influenced novelist to take a different approach.

Comics generally use a very light tone as well as the right amount of humor pitched into the mix, such as Marvel’s Deadpool, Spider-Man, Thor and Ms. Marvel. However, there is no shortage of  darker and highly detailed works, such as DC’s Batman and Nightwing or Vertigo’s John Constantine:Hellblazer. Comics not only allow the reader to physically see the character first hand, but also provide with feeling the raw emotions displayed, and felt by the character as the story progresses. As a result, live-action adaptations of comics in movies are more successful, but getting actors to perform in them correctly is a challenge itself. Comics have a better way of delivering action-packed scene and a better understanding of the surroundings where an act is taking place. Since comics are a periodic release, the reader always has another issue to look forward for.   

Although contemporary novels are as popular as comics, they have seen their share of popularity being rivaled in modern times. That is largely due to the rise in popularity of comics after the release of Iron Man in 2008, a movie based on the Marvel Comics character, Tony Stark.  Reading a novel is a weeks long task, so becoming bored of it is a constant problem, so finding a story fascinating enough to keep you attracted to the book is hard to come by off. Movies based on novels often disappoint the reader, despite have a complex and rich story. Even though action scene in novels are written with great detail, they always end up blurry and cannot provide a clear sense of the surrounding where the fight is actually taking place.

Novels and Comic books are like the different side of the same coin, they serve the same purpose but through a different medium. Both are great work of art and literature, when written correctly, they can offer enjoyment from another realm. It’s not a matter of which is better but a matter of the quality of the work and most important of all, the enjoyment that is received from them. The ultimate decision comes down to the personal taste of the reader and their respective choice.

Question I need Answers to

I am radically curious, no other way to state that. So once in awhile I will end up looking in the night sky and the plethora of question will flood my brain like shoppers on black friday at a walmart. I am not afraid to ask the question that bothers me and go to great lengths to get them answered. Most of my questions would be answerable only if I had God’s human-support’s office number. Since I do not, I have to deal with it. Speaking humans, how did we come into being? well, evolution right? Life evolved into what we see today but where did that life come from? Sure you can play with the idea God just created life, but everything has a creator; does God have a creator? Now this is a forbidden question and even though I have a strong belief in one higher power above all; the question still remains, dare I say, where did God come from?

Moving away from religion, We live in universe so big that no scale can give a real sense of how gargantuan it really is. How did this enormous universe came into being? popular theory suggests, it was the “big bang” all the matter just exploded into existence, creating our lovely universe. Fun stuff, but where the fuck did the material for the big bang came from? The universe is ever expanding, equally in all directions at an increasing speed, but where the fuck is it expanding into?  It is a common understanding; there needs to be empty space in order for somthing to expand into it. Is our universe creating new space or was the big bang one of the many mini-universes in a universe trillions of times bigger than what we consider to be the universe. A universe so huge that the light particles decay before even reaching our universe.

This idea deserves a writing of its own but that is a project for another time. Science is what elevates humankind from every other living being, even the dinosaurs for all their size did not have the impact homosapiens have had. We are melting the fucking arctic ice shelves can not beat that bro.


Samurai Jack: Ep 55 review

It’s no doubt as the season has progressed each episode  has managed to outdo the last one. It has been clearly evident since the last episode that, this show is no longer targeted at the children audience, but for the children that use to watch it around 13 years ago. Jack has now killed a human, four of the seven Daughters Of Aku to be exact. So goes my take on episode 53 of Samurai Jack.

The new opening sequence is very effective in setting the type of tone the show carries. Picking off from the last episode left off, Jack is seen going down the stream and later latched on a log. In this scene we see a side to Jack we have not been exposed to before. When Jack realizes the daughters are in pursuit of him, with all his strength he tries to move faster but gives up and faints. He wakes up on the shore of a forest and drags himself to a shelter.

When the Daughters Of Aku find their fallen sister they are apathetic, stating “failure is death,” and continue their search of the samurai, tracking him by his blood trail. Stumbling in the jungle Jack sees the mysterious warrior on horse yet again, I have some speculation of what this mean, but this deverse a page of it’s own. Anyways after seeing him he runs into a cave near by, where poor Jackie’s hallucinations kicks in, he is still in dismay about killing one of the daughter’s. Jack is split on whether he would be able to kill them.

The dynamic played between Jack and the Wolf in the previous episode continues, as they both heal together in the cave. I really liked the idea of the lone wolf against multiple tigers and Jack versus the daughters of Aku, showing that mere power or strength can not over power a true warrior.

This part is amongst the plethora of reason of the new take on Jack is as good as ever. Jack remembers an event with his father(the Emperor), when he gave them the chance of leaving in peace or meet their destiny. Jack delivers the same ultimatum, word for word, in what has been the great scene of the episode, as Jack spoke, one of the sister kept interrupting him, showing the sign of impatience.

The fight sequence played out beautifully; in which three daughters are killed in progress, and the other three fell down the abyss, and Jack along with them. It is possible for the remain three Daughters Of Aku to survive the fall, as Jack fell into the abyss as well. Since is Jack is the lead, it is safe to assume that he will survive his fall, which leads me to believe the remaining daughters can too. To find that out we will have to wait and see how the next episode of Samurai Jack plays out.


Boba Fett Digital Drawing

Everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, the best in the business, Boba Fett. Drawn using the Iskn slate, I used multiple layer and different techniques to get the shading correct.  I drew on paper while the slate captured all my strokes in real time and the drawing was becoming simultaneously digital. Then I added differents layers on top one another to allow for more flexibility on coloring, erasing and shading. You can see my process here on my instagram:


Boba fett by Moeis

What I Believe In

I believe in being alone by choice.

Growing up we all hear that man is a social animal and without a social life one would go mad. Contrary to popular belief, I believe a level of isolation is the best gift life has to offer, better than socialization. Every man, woman, and especially teenager should take a portion of their time just to be alone, with the company of themselves. I believe that being alone by choice is not “lame”, but  it helps one with rediscovering him/herself. Those who embrace this will never have to worry about society ever again; they can fend for themselves and become immune to the world’s unnecessary critiques.

Even though being in the company of friends can be entertaining, it can, however, be time consuming and allow other people’s problems get to you. Being alone is certainly a peaceful and calm thing to do, as it provides distance from all the unnecessary drama nowadays. Throughout my high school experience, I was glad I was able to keep my peace of mind by distancing myself from other student’s shenanigans at school. While everyone was stressing out and wasting money on prom, I was preparing for the finals. Others burned money on limos, tuxedos and dresses; I kept it simple, wore the only suit I had, although with a new tie.

I believe being alone helps detoxifies both your mind and body. We are so deep within pop culture and mainstream trends that we lose ourselves, and we lose our very essence. In a population of eight billion we surprisingly lack individuality.  If everyone has the same point of view we will be stuck at a certain point and not move on. Different mind sets can identify both different problems and solutions. Having a unique personality is necessary for a pleasant life and leading a way for newer discoveries.

I believe that devoting time just to oneself helps to cope with peer pressure. Excessive hanging out with friends can lead to unrealistic standards and expectations, ultimately causing people to take action which may indirectly harm themselves due to peer pressure. I believe that being alone lets you think your act through, rather than rushing a problem into a disaster. I believe being alone allows you to see the world in a different perspective and see the world with a deeper meaning. It reforges you just like a blacksmith that molds a sword back to shape rather than adding foreign material and taking out your original self. When I moved to the U.S. all those years of self-isolation helped me in fending off social anxiety and keeping a steady approach to the obstacles I faced. I believe that not matter how many friends you have, or how loving your family is, or how qualified your professor is, you will always be alone to face your problems. It will be just you, your experience and your skills to help you. I believe that voluntary-exile trains you for life’s greatest issues.