Net-Neutrality Under Threat

This is a serious issue folk, the internet will never be the same afterward. Unless you join the efforts of Battle For the Net. This is a serious breach of our rights and will segway into something greater then what it is right now! Internet service providers(ISP) like Comcast, Verizon will essentially control what you see, they can... Continue Reading →


Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis is a far bigger issue then people believe. Opioid addiction is the leading cause of accidental death by drug overdose in the U.S. There were 52,404 deaths by in the United States, 33,091 of them involved an opioid. On average, opioid overdose causes 91 deaths each day. A short video on opioid crisis by Marcelle O'Brien, Make sure to like... Continue Reading →

Egypitian Sphinx

The Egyptian Sphinx at the University Of Pennsylvania Museum Of Archeology And Anthropology, Is around ~3000 years old. Being able to visit and soak in this ageless work of art was probably the highlight of my year. The display was absolutely stunning, the Sphinx is surrounded by columns, doorways, and tablets, all carved with ancient Egyptian inscriptions. The... Continue Reading →

Type Of People According To Me 

On a planet of 8 billion people, seven continents and well, thousands of human years, there will always be three types of people you will encounter. Most of the people I've encountered fit in at least one of the category I've established. One of three: The ones that want to know about things, so they may have... Continue Reading →

Generation Like, Merchants Of Cool.

Studying different demographics may not be the most interesting topic but it will always surprise you. In the 4th week of classes, we had to watch two documentaries "Merchants Of Cool" (2001) and, sort of its sequel "Generation like" (2014). Both of them focus on teenagers, what they like, the trends they follow etc, you get... Continue Reading →

PaperMaché Dragon: Primer Drac

Follow for more art at: Artistic Endeavors  on Instagram Artistic Endeavors  on Facebook Hopefully, this is one of the many dragons to come. Paper Maché is a technique I have have not used extensively, but with some practice, by making dragon heads I was good to start working on the full thing. I took pictures of my progress... Continue Reading →

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