Hello there!

My name is Moeis, but you can call me Moe. Aspiring to become an Architect one day. I am your regular, everyday college student trying to navigate his way through life and all the utter bullshit that it throws at you.

I’ve always been a dreamer. You will find that I am a very curious soul. Nothing triggers my attention faster than the idea of the cosmos, space, matter, time and existence itself.

I am an avid Star Wars fan, it’s a deeply woven part of me. I like reading comic books and equally enjoy their movies adaptations as well, what a time to be alive right? I believe you can appreciate both Marvel and DC comics alike, both have amazing stories and character. Ironman and Batman are my favorites. Very much obsessed with dragons, duh, kinda obvious.

This is relatively a new blog and majorly remains a work in progress. Even though, I like to believe I am a well cultivated man with an open-minded approach, I do not mind being corrected when wrong. I am a bit of perfectionist, so I may not be as active on posting material as I should, but I can grantee you somthing is always in the works. Constructive criticism is welcomed and your feedback is highly appreciated.

I hope you will enjoy  what you read!

A shout out to the unbelievably talented artist that created the absolutely amazing “The Red Dragon” header image, Caio Monteiro. See more of his awesome work at: https://www.artstation.com/artist/caiommonteiro

~M. The dragon

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